Lunch with the HT

Mrs Mateer was delighted to be joined for lunch today by Eden, Jake and Molly! They have worked hard to earn lots of Dojos and traded them in for this reward, although I think it was a bigger treat for me! What fantastic lunch dates they were – it was lovely to hear all their news and plans for the summer holidays!

Millburn Transition Information

Today P7 pupils attending Millburn Academy were issued with a polly-pocket which contains a information letter to parents, information about how to pay for school lunches plus their time tables. P7 are all very excited about the transition days and everyone seemed to be happy with their time tables.

We are aware there are a small number of pupil who have gaps in their timetable. I have notified Millburn and I’m confident pupils will be issued with an updated timetable tomorrow morning upon arrival at Millburn.

A number of P7 pupils are yet to return their travel forms, if you have yet to return this form please hand it into the school office ASAP. I have advised P7 to take some change for the bus just in case they are asked to pay. I will be around tomorrow morning to help P7 onto the Millburn School bus should any problems arise. Miss Canham and I will be at Millburn in the morning until all of P7 are settled in and off to their classes.

I would be very grateful if parents/carers could please check over their pupils timetable for the following day and ensure they have a PE kit on days where PE is timetabled and also ensure they each take their Chromebook fully charged, in its protective case.

P7 pupils must wear their Milton of Leys red school jumpers during the transition days, they are not to wear their leavers hoodies.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Many thanks,

Miss Hutcheson 🙂

Free School Meals/Clothing Grant Application Form

Please see the information below regarding applying for Free School Meals and Clothing Grants.
In the event that customers are unable to make an online application please click the link below to the Council’s Website for the downloadable Free School Meal/Clothing Grant Application Form in respect of 2018/19.  

NB there has been a change to the 2018/19 eligibility criteria to include Pension Credit Guarantee Credit also.

Tempest Class Photos

Unfortunately there has been an issue with the production of the Tempest class photos.  We will issue the proof prints with order forms as soon as they are received into the school.

Please note that there will be a quick turnaround for orders to be in so that we can send the orders away before the holidays.  All orders will be given to children at the start of the new academic year.