Parent Digital Support Workshop at 2.00pm today

Please remember to join us for the Parent Digital Workshop at 2.00pm today.

This is a virtual drop in session for parents to ask any questions about the use of digital tools to support your child at home. The Meet code for this session has been shared in your child’s Google Classroom.

In response to our recent parent survey, we have created a Parent Digital Support Guide. Within this guide there are lots of ‘How to’ videos and documents to support you with the use of technology. We look forward to seeing you this afternoon.


Digital Workshop MOL

Highland Council Trading Standards advice on Face Coverings

Highland Council Trading Standards are highlighting the important difference between types of face masks during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.  These are:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical devices such as respirator or surgical masks which protect the wearer (and for medical devices, the patient) against the virus and must be made to a high specification.
  • Face coverings i.e. not anti-COVID PPE or medical devices, including scarves and homemade versions made from t-shirts, handkerchiefs etc; which do not protect the wearer but can to some extent reduce the amount of virus that an infected person emits, thus providing some protection to others in proximity.

David MacKenzie, Trading Standards Manager at The Highland Council, explains:

“All PPE that is intended to protect against COVID-19 coronavirus, including that sold to the public, must meet very high safety standards.  At the current time, it is recommended that proper face masks that provide such protection for the wearer should be reserved for NHS and care staff.  The recommendation from both the Scottish and UK Governments for the public to wear face coverings in some enclosed public places does NOT mean wearing proper anti-COVID PPE.  Instead it refers to any low specification face covering that can help reduce spread of the virus but does NOT protect the person wearing it.”

Businesses must not sell low-tech face coverings as PPE or make any claims that such items provide protection for the wearer against COVID-19.  According to Trading Standards, best practice at the present time is for businesses to explicitly state the limitations of such products when selling so that the buyer is in no doubt.

Trading Standards role on this topic is to enforce the laws in relation to consumer sales, with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulating sales of items to be used in workplaces, including the NHS.  Detailed information about the production and sale of PPE to consumers can be found on the Trading Standards COVID-19 webpages at:

David MacKenzie continued:

“Scottish Government advice about staying at home, social distancing and washing your hands, remain the same.  It is important to understand that basic face masks will not protect wearers from biological hazards like COVID-19.   If consumers really feel the need to buy proper PPE equipment to protect them from COVID, they should check carefully that it meets safety standards.  Basic face masks can continue to be useful in other situations such as protection against dust when doing some DIY work and can also be used as a face covering in enclosed public spaces.”

Consumers can get further advice or report any concerns through Trading Standards’ partner body Advice Direct Scotland (ADS) on 0808 164 6000 or

Government advice on how to make a cloth face covering for your own use can be found at:

Parent Digital Support

In response to our recent parent survey, we have create a Parent Digital Support Guide. Within this guide there are lots of ‘How to’ videos and documents to support you with the use of technology.

We are also holding a virtual drop in session for parents on Wednesday 20th May at 2pm to ask any questions about the use of digital tools to support your child at home. The Meet code for this session has been shared in your child’s Google Classroom.Digital Workshop MOL

Digital workshop

Thank you to all parents and pupils who completed the recent survey about our provision of learning during this school closure. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive which was fantastic to see as we continue to work closely with families and the wider community for the children. We will look to see where we can make improvements in any areas of our provision for the pupils learning at home based on comments/feedback provided. In response to the question of digital support, just over half of respondents said they would be keen to attend a digital workshop to help parents support their children with online learning.

For this we are planning to have a Q&A style digital workshop next week on Wednesday 20th at 2 o’clock. Details of how to join this virtual workshop will be provided next week. Before this, please take time to read the following MOL Digital Support Guide for Parents which provides information on accessing all the learning we are providing as a school together. The aim of the workshop is to answer any questions you may still have or provide additional support. Thank you!

MOL Digital Support Guide for Parents 2020

Digital Workshop MOL


VE Day Celebrations

We’ve had such wonderful feedback from our VE Day tea party and celebrations. We were so pleased to have over 80 households joining us for the tea. We’re looking forward to another community event coming up soon with our Health and Well-Being week in the last week of May (more news about that next week) but for now, for anyone who missed it, this picture will give you a sense of our virtual community tea, here with Ava’s reading of a family war-time story.

MOL VE Day Tea

Also please click on the link below to hear the war-time stories brought to you and read to you by the pupils of Milton of Leys Primary! Thank you also to Mrs Mateer for her work in compiling the book with audio too!







So long Fiji!

We’ve had a wonderful world tour week in Fiji…


I wonder where we will travel to next week…we’ll find out on Monday morning. Happy weekend everyone!

We will collate other pictures from our world tour and learning in all other areas for another MOL video to be released in the coming weeks…have you had a look at this website? It shares stories of what’s been happening in schools around Highland and we’re on it!


Highland Council proposes network of safe walking and cycling routes in response to Coronavirus pandemic

The Highland Council and NHS Highland have submitted an ambitious bid to the Scottish Government’s Spaces for People fund seeking support to deliver rapid active travel interventions. If successful, towns across Highland and the city of Inverness will see a roll-out of temporary walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure over the coming weeks and months. The measures will include footpath widening, temporary bike lanes and other works that seek to ensure people can walk, wheel and cycle safely on essential journeys and taking daily exercise.

By delivering safe active travel connections across settlements to link major healthcare facilities and other destinations, the proposals aim to maximise opportunities for social distancing. Importantly they will also provide a necessary springboard for town and city centre recovery and regeneration as lockdown measures are eased and places need to be adapted to be safe for work, business and leisure.

Whilst a rapid programme of work has been undertaken to submit the initial funding bid, the Council considers this as only the start of the conversation and will continue to review, monitor and evaluate schemes and proposals as they emerge.

Communities, businesses and other stakeholders are being encouraged by the Council to get involved. To ensure the council responds appropriately it has set up a consultation ( so that people can share their views on the proposed interventions now and as they are implemented. This will enable Highland Council to maximise the impact of measures and respond to the evolving needs of our communities as the current pandemic situation changes.

Councillor Trish Robertson, Chair of The Highland Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee said: “I am delighted to be promoting this bid to the Spaces for People Fund.  A number of key interventions have been identified to assist essential workers on their journey to work as well as assisting with people being able to maintain physical distancing.  The temporary measures proposed will enable more active travel in a safer environment and promote opportunities for the re-imagining of our streets, town and city centres as we emerge from this crisis.  The Council is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe environment is a central to the response to the Climate and Ecological emergency, and this remains a key focus of our work.”

Provost of the City of Inverness, Cllr Helen Carmichael added: “The Highland region is facing unprecedented challenges due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. As we consider the ways that people are able to move around we look to active travel for the answers. The Spaces for People funding bid represents a great opportunity to bring positive change for the City in otherwise difficult times. I would encourage everyone to get behind this positive opportunity and join in the conversation through our consultation portal.”

Dan Jenkins of NHS Highland’s Health Improvement Team said: “Personal safety along key routes of travel is a major concern and a real danger where adequate provision and segregation is not in place for cyclists and pedestrians. Those who cannot afford or cannot access a car are additionally disadvantaged at this time.  With current social distancing and movement restrictions, active travel may be the only opportunity some people have to be physically active to remain healthy. This application is an excellent example of how a range of immediate benefits for mitigation of COVID-19 will be achieved through improved infrastructure.”

The Council wishes to stress that the bid submitted jointly with NHS Highland is an initial bid. It welcomes comment through the portal both on the proposed measures but also on any other locations where additional measures could be introduced.  Any further opportunities in towns across the Highlands would be the subject of additional bids for funding.

The Consultation Portal will become live at 5pm tonight (Friday 15 May) and has been designed to be very interactive and simple to use. To take part and to view all the details visit

Highland Council Recovery Board established

A Highland Council Recovery Board has been established to lead and plan the Council’s emergence from lockdown and provide strategic coordination for a Recovery Action Plan for Council services. The Board will also provide oversight and direction for the Council’s partnership with communities and partners to support the Highland Region’s return to wellbeing, prosperity and economic success.

The Board, which will be chaired by the Council’s Depute Leader, Cllr Alasdair Christie, will also report and make recommendations for the Highland Council to determine the progress.

Early priorities for the Board to consider will be restoring Council governance to normal, how to safely return the workforce, prioritising of services and a focus on budget and resource, in addition to addressing the wider economic situation.

An agile, flexible workforce is central to recovery and enhanced IT and skills development will be fundamental to moving the Council to a new normal.

Councillor Christie said: “This is perhaps the most difficult, complex and important challenge that the Council has ever had to address, the extent of the damage caused by coronavirus in Highland will take us a very long time to recover from. The Board will work with individuals, groups, businesses and partners to ensure we have a dedicated team established to take on board views and ideas, as we set about starting this mammoth task”.

He added: “The assessment of impact on our staff, on partners and on our communities will also be an important part of what guides us in decision making.”

The Recovery Board will present its draft plan and seek ratification at the next meeting of Highland Council, planned for June.

Council Leader and Convenor say “Thank You” to volunteers

As the ten community hubs set up across the Highlands continue to be busy co-ordinating and providing support to people in need, the Convenor of The Highland Council is keen to pay tribute to all the volunteers working in them.

Cllr Bill Lobban said: “Council staff and volunteers from our partner organisations are working alongside community groups to provide this invaluable local support. The response from people wanting to help has been incredible. This includes 124 High Life Highland staff who are rolling up their sleeves and volunteering alongside our staff across all the hubs to deliver assistance to those most in need. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work. Their support is invaluable to communities across the Highlands.

“Over 40 High Life Highland staff have also volunteered to help at the newly established key worker childcare hubs and they have joined council staff volunteers in developing a wide range of activities and support for the children of key workers.  Their enthusiasm, ideas and energy have contributed to the creation of a really positive team dynamic.”

His praise is shared with those of the Council Leader Margaret Davidson who last week thanked volunteer staff from Eden Court who have been helping to answer thousands of calls coming in on the Council’s busy Covid-19 help-line.

Reiterating her thanks to all council staff and staff from Eden Court and High Life Highland she added: “What more can I say than a massive ‘thank-you- to everyone volunteering and providing support. Their selflessness and determination to come together at a time of acute need is quite incredible.

“It’s fair to say that every element of normal life has been affected in some way by this devastating virus but seeing the “can do” spirit and the dedication demonstrated by our own staff and those from High Life Highland and Eden Court has been extremely heartening and underlines the compassionate and caring approach of people in Highland.”

Ian Ross, Chair of High Life Highland said, “High Life Highland has a history of a strong and effective relationship with Highland Council, but the recent unprecedented times have further strengthened this key partnership and allowed us to work closely with The Highland Council in delivering for communities across the Highlands.

“I am very proud of all the High Life Highland staff involved who are volunteering in communities while on furlough leave, using their skills and local knowledge from their day-jobs to help those most in need.

“I would like to join The Highland Council’s Convenor and the Leader to add my personal thanks to the HLH volunteers for the important contribution they are making to The Highland Council’s community support effort during these times.”

Alison in the news!

Please see the story below in the Wee Fabric Shop newsletter about Alison (P5/6) who has been sewing scrub bags for her parents and family who are frontline staff in the NHS. What a fantastic act of kindness and creativity – well done, Alison. Also featured is Liam B’s sister who was with us at MOL just a few years ago. As the newsletter says, these are wonderful and inspirational acts of kindness – well done both!