End of week 6!

What a fine, sunny end to the week. Pupils have been outdoors enjoying different learning opportunities in this wonderful early Autumn weather. There has been lots of exploratory play and using spaces for outdoor learning. We were also so excited to see the Spitfire yesterday in the clear blue sky as it circled over Raigmore and travelled back to the airport along the Moray Firth. Thank you to Mrs Tibbit, one of our support for learning teachers, for sharing the pictures of the Spitfire which you’ll see below, for a closer up look!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you back in on Monday – the last full week of September! Happy weekend!

P7 Pupil Leadership

We were absolutely delighted to announce to the school today the new P7 leadership team. Pupils from this year group completed applications and meet for group interviews for the roles. We were really proud of the children and their skills in completing this process and…we are delighted to introduce the team to you here! Congratulations all!

Pictures of the team…(apologies to anyone absent on the day of the announcements – we will update for pictures to display in school).

All About Me

Today everyone from P1-7 has taken home an All About Me task to complete at home. This will be used as part of each child’s learning profile in school. Please make sure we have the completed All About Me activity in the folder provided returned to school by Friday September 25th. Pupils in P7 should complete theirs on their chromebooks. Thank you!

Hot School Dinners

We will be providing hot school meals in the hall from tomorrow (Wednesday 16th September). Please click on the link below for the menu. We will be starting on Week 1 for lunches from tomorrow. The menu is until the October holidays. School dinner costs stay the same at £2.30 (P4-7) – pupils in P1-3 have free school meals – and there are no changes to ordering lunches using the smartboard in class. This move comes after trialing the use of the hall with packed lunches (from home and school dinner) over the past two weeks. Pupils have their lunches on a rota and the whole hall is given over to this to provide ample space. We will review progress with this at the October holidays but meantime, are glad to be able to provide full school dinner service from this week. I know many of the children have been looking froward to this!


If your child may be eligible for a free school meal or clothing grant, please click on the link below. Even if your child is in P1-3, it is worth signing up for this entitlement as the school then receives funds for pupils receiving free school meals which is used to support your child in different ways at the school.

Pupils encouraged to wear extra layers

Please see the letter from Nicky Grant, Executive Chief Officer, encouraging pupils to come to school with an extra layer/dressed warmly while we follow government guidance to keep windows open in schools to increase ventilation with the aim of minimising the risk of transmission of the coronavirus indoors. As it states in the letter, we have relaxed dress codes for school so pupils can be comfortable and warm. If you have any queries/concerns, please don’t hesitate to make contact. Thank you, Mrs Snedden

Advice for Parents

Please note that the information in the letter emailed to all families last week supersedes previous information from the Public Health team (previously posted as a flowchart). We have been asked to ensure that all parents use the information as detailed in the letter, and on the link below. If you have any concerns about your child’s health, please continue to use NHS inform https://www.nhsinform.scot/ for up-to-date guidance. Thank you