School photographer

A notice that the photographer will be in school on Monday 18th November to take pictures of any children who missed the opportunity to have their individual/sibling photo taken last term. If your child missed out last term and you have NOT received a photo through the school since returning in August, please let your child’s class teacher or the school know by email.

Thank you



Together times at MOL

This week we’ve had some fantastic community events at MOL. First the P5/6 & P6 SHANARRI community event on Wednesday followed by the P2 & P3 story safari on Thursday. Have a look at the pictures to see how much the children have loved having family members in to share in their learning and love of stories together. We are really looking forward to welcoming parents for some cosy bed-time story book reading at next week’s P1 bookbug event and sharing story time together at the ELC literacy cafe.

Story adventures…


Thank you also to everyone who has so far taken part in the huge community effort to clear the front of the school in MOL’s Car Park Big Tidy event. Thanks to parents, family members, the Co-op, LifeScan, staff and pupils for volunteering to help with the big tidy today at the school. Thank you to the Morrison family for the donation of the skip and to Campbells for the discounted hire of the wood chipper.

MOL’s Car Park Big Tidy is on again tomorrow and we would be grateful for your support again. There is still a lot of home-baking to keep everyone going during the day! Please remember also to bring along any useful gardening equipment, especially hedge trimmers and strimmers – thank you!

Revamping the outdoors…







P5/6 and P6 Open Afternoon

On behalf of P5/6 and P6 Miss Williamson and Miss Hutcheson would like to say a huge thank you to all the grandparents, parents and other family members that came along to share in our learning at our open afternoon yesterday.

For those folk that didn’t manage along, our pupils shared what they have been learning about recently in relation to The Scottish Government initiative SHANARRI:









Pupils shared their literacy work as well as showcasing their knowledge and skills of healthy eating buy serving homemade soup, sandwiches, cakes, shortbread and fruit kebabs.

It was lovely to have such a wonderful turn out to support the P5/6 and P6 classes.


Car Park Tidy Tomorrow!!

Our car park tidying project is off to a great start as we have already managed to remove all of the big bushes. Our skip is now in place and we are all set for two full days of digging, cutting, trimming and weeding!

If you are able to help during the day on Friday or Saturday we would love to see you! Please bring along any gardening tools which you think may be handy; strimmers and hedge cutters would be especially helpful.

Friday 15th November 9:15 – 4:30pm

Saturday 16th November 9:00 – 4:00pm

We have a lovely batch of home bakes ready to feed all our volunteers!



Many thanks,

Miss Hutcheson

Story Safari – Primary 2 and Primary 3

Families of Primary 2 and Primary 3 Children

This is just a little reminder for P2 and P3 parents that tomorrow (Thursday) we will be having our “Story Safari” in the gym hall.
9.15am – 10.15am for P3 parents and
1.45pm-2.45pm for P2 parents.

Pupils are also invited to dress-up in “animal” costumes and/or bring an animal (soft teddy – no live ones please!) as a reading buddy!

We’d love for family members to join us (feel free to drop in when you can). There will be refreshments and lots of opportunities to read and enjoy books together.