Staff for 2018/19

School Staff for Session 2018/19

Head Teacher – Mr Robert Quigley 

Acting Head Teacher – Mrs Jen Mateer (Currently on Maternity Leave)

MegActing Head Teacher- Mrs Meg Snedden

P1A Teacher – Miss Laura Thom

P1B Teacher- Mrs Mari-Louise MacAulay

P1/2 Teacher – Miss Nikki Grant

P2 Teacher – Mrs Dianne MacQueen

P2/3 Teacher – Mrs Sarah Tulloch

P3 Teacher – Miss Rebecca Williamson

P3/4 Teacher – Mr Christopher Knox

Mr LeeP4 Teacher – Mr Jon Blair

P4/5 Teacher – Miss Alison McPherson

P5 Teacher – Miss Seona MacKenzie

P5/6 Teacher – Miss Victoria Sparling

P6BTeacher – Miss Lisa Coe

P7A Teacher – Miss Rachel Hutcheson 

P7B Teacher – Mr David Harris

CCR Teacher – Mrs Selina Laing

Support for Learning Teacher – Miss Dianne Ross

Support for Learning Teacher – Mrs Anne Urquhart

Support for Learning Teacher – Mrs Briony O’Donnell


Pupil Support Auxiliary – Miss Christine Oliver

JanicePupil Support Auxiliary – Mrs Janice Mackay


Pupil Support Auxiliary – Miss Susan Bryan

carolynPupil Support Auxiliary – Mrs Carolyn Morrison

Pupil Support Auxiliary – Mrs Dena Duffty

Pupil Support Auxiliary – Mrs Lynsey Mclaren

Pupil Support Auxiliary – Mrs Vanessa Gribbon

Pupil Support Auxiliary – Mrs Collette Adamiec

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Michelle MacLeod

Pupil Support Assistant – Ms Lynne Murray

Pupil Support Assistant – Miss Gemma Campbell

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Catherine Kyle


Childcare Manager – Ms Sarah Chapman

Childcare Clerical – Mrs Katie Cameron

KayleighEarly Years Practitioner – Mrs Kayleigh Cameron

Laura NEarly Years Practitioner – Mrs Laura Nicol

MichelleEarly Years Practitioner – Mrs Kerry-Ann Jones

KirsteenEarly Years Practitioner (in P1) – Mrs Kirsteen Watson

FionaEarly Years Practitioner – Mrs Fiona Adam

RenaEarly Years Practitioner – Ms Rena Cruickshank

 NatEarly Years Practitioner – Miss Natalie Fraser-Lee

SherEarly Years Practitioner – Mrs Sher Almond

BeckyEarly Years Practitioner – Mrs Rebecca Steel

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Louise Young

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Gill Morrison

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Karen Newlands

Early Years Practitioner – Miss Sarah Adie

Early Years Practitioner – Mr Michael Longmuir 

Early Years Practitioner – Miss Katrina Wiley


OoSC Assistant – Miss Gemma Campbell

OoSC Assistant – Miss Rachael Garrow


OoSC Auxiliary – Mrs Catriona Nesbitt

OoSC Auxiliary – Miss Kelly Ann Paterson


School Clerical – Mrs Mandy Darroch

School Clerical – Mrs Roslyn MacLennan

School Clerical – Mrs Brenda Findlay


26 thoughts on “Staff for 2018/19

  1. Anonymous

    Glad to see teachers in place. As not much support staff wondering how playground supervision will be organised at breaks and lunchtime.

    1. Thanks for the comment and question. Although the number of support staff will be limited, there will certainly be sufficient support and supervision at break and lunchtimes using a combination of Learning Support Auxiliaries, Classroom Assistants and members of the Senior Management Team. Another key part of the break and lunchtime routine will be the senior pupils taking on buddy responsibility to help the younger kids.

    1. All parents who filled out forms to book childcare service (breakfast club, wrap around care and after school club) should have been notified by now. Please contact the school office if you have still not heard.

  2. Anonymous

    I want to congratulate Mr Quigley and all his staff for creating a primary school that children love going to. My son no longer sees getting up as a chore and he has really come out of his shell since August and participating in events that surprise even me. Also in a few short months the school is a real asset to the community which is badly needed, I loved the sausage sizzle and all the fabulous events at the school. So thank you.

    Angela Donaldson

    1. Many thanks for the lovely comments and I am delighted that your son enjoys school so much. In my opinion, the most important feature of a good school should be that all pupils feel safe and enjoy coming to school. Long may this continue!
      Thanks for the support,
      Mr Quigley

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