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  1. I am always concerned when I drive out of the MOL primary school car park that a child will appear out from behind the fenced utility area straight on to the zebra crossing. This is a blind area for drivers as you can not see if there are children behind the fence. I think its’ an accident waiting to happen. I’m not sure how we make it safer but feel something must be done.

    • Thanks for the comment-I share your concerns. It has been raised at Parent Council level and I know that the Safer Routes to School team are equally concerned. As you will have seen from numerous newsletters, I have raised the whole issue of road safety in an attempt to remind all car users to be aware. I’ll pass your comments onto the Safer Routes Team directly.
      Mr Quigley

    • I completely agree with Susan on this, when the school first opened my younger son dashed out and was almost knocked down by someone driving far too fast in a school car park (and not paying any attention to the fact that kids could be near the zebra crossing).

  2. I agree about the fence at zebra crossing. Being a new parent to the school, it was 1 of 2 things i noticed from day 1. The 2nd is the speed of cars going round the carpark both morning and afternoon. Cars are reversing and travelling at speed and children are crossing and going in and out of parked and moving cars. Maybe some sort of curved mirror at the zebra crossing for the drivers to see if there is anyone approaching the crossing?

  3. I think that it is a really good idea to have a “Safer routes to school” blog as it does make everyone a whole lot more safe walking to school!


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