Bellfield Park Tennis

The tennis season is not far away when we look forward to welcoming you down to Bellfield Park courts.

Before that we have a couple of indoor mini tennis classes that are available!  We have been in a lot of schools over the last 4 weeks and hope that some of you want to continue playing.

There is a 4 week block at Drakies Primary School on a Thursday starting on February 21st February finishing on 14th March.

There are two classes available 5.30-6.30pm and 6.30-7.30pm and both classes are open to P3-7 children.  The first session is free and cost for the 4 weeks is only £6.

In the February break we are also holding a mini tennis camp at Hilton Community Centre.  Times are P1-3 10-11.30 and P1-4 11.30-1, the session cost is £5

Both of the above are available on our Bellfield Clubspark website. Click on coaching to find your class, and book your place, alternatively email All equipment is provided just bring a drink

If you have any queries please contact me on 07983116947

Hope to see you soon





Head Lice Information

Head Lice are a common problem in school aged children. They can’t be prevented, but

regular checking ensures early detection and treatment if necessary. Parents and carers

should check their children’s head once a week during hair washing. You need your

usual shampoo, conditioner, and a detection comb – ask your local pharmacist to

recommend a suitable one. Remember that you are looking for living moving lice, the

only evidence that your child is infected.

If you find a living louse, ask your local pharmacist, school nurse, health visitor or GP for

advice regarding treatment.

For further information see: – search on head lice

World Renowned Animator, Brendan Body, visits MOL!

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On Friday 1st Feb, Milton of Leys Primary welcomed Kirsten Body (Exhibition & engagement coordinator, IMAG) and Brendan Body (Professional animator and lecturer).

Brendan spoke with P5/6 and P6 about his journey with animation and showed lots of examples of his work and the process that is involved from start to end.  Brendan showed clips of some of his animations and how they ended up looking on the big screen.  Brendan’s talk was very engaging and I am certain that the classes took a lot from the visit.   Brendan was impressed with the behaviour of the children during his visit and  was pleasantly surprised with the level of questions that he was asked after his presentation.

At the end of the visit the children asked if they could have Brendan’s autograph – the queue went out of the door!

Brendan has agreed to take a look at some of the animations that P6 have been working on and to offer feedback.

This genuinely was an amazing opportunity for both classes and I would like to thank Kirsten Body for arranging the funding and making this visit possible.

For those who are not working on animation with me at the moment – this is something you can have a go at yourself.  P6’s have been using, Stop Motion and/or Clap Motion.  P6 are still experimenting with the programme and I hope to add more of their animations to the blog so that you can see their progress.

Well done P6 and P5/6!!

Ms. Ross

After their visit, both Brendan and Kirsten gave us their thoughts:

Brendan said, ‘It was a pleasure to meet and chat to the wonderfully enthusiastic pupils of Milton of Leys Primary School. I hope they found my talk useful, I was incredibly flattered by their requests for autographs.’

Kirsten told us that, ‘It was great to catch up with P6’s animation project and I hope that Brendan’s talk provided some inspiration as well as showed a possible career paths into the creative sector.’


School Closure

On account of the travel disruption and snow conditions Milton of Leys is closed today (Monday 4th February). We will update the blog in due course to let you know about re-opening the school. Thank you

Animation Excitement in P6 as Brendan Body Prepares to Visit MOL!

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We are extremely excited about a visit tomorrow (Friday) from one of the top animators in Scotland (and possibly, the world!) is set to visit MOL to work with some of our P6 pupils on the animation work they have been doing with Miss Coe and Miss Ross which we are very excited to share soon…

As you can see from Brendan Body’s resume, he has worked directly on some of the biggest movies and projects to be released and is highly regarded within the animation industry. It is a real honour to have him visit us and give up his time!

More on the visit tomorrow!



Cycle Volunteer Training

We are looking for some volunteers to undertake cycle volunteer training to enable us to deliver Bike Ability training to our P6 and P7 pupils. The training course will take place towards the end of March/beginning of April. The course is one full day.

If you would be interested in completing your cycle training to enable you to help teach P6/7 with bike ability and road safety please e-mail Miss Hutcheson by Monday 4th February.

We hope to have a training team made up of both staff and parents. We are looking for at least four volunteers as we would like to offer bike ability training in term 4 to both primary 6 and primary 7 pupils which is 4 different classes.


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