August 2020 return update

The local authority confirmed this afternoon that schools should expect a 100 per cent return in August with no social distancing. Schools are still waiting for further guidance about this full return which will be based on scientific and medical advice nearer the time of the return. The government is expected to confirm the re-opening of schools fully on July 30th. To be prepared for a possible full return or blended learning with in-school/at-home learning, we have 3 planned models.

Model A

Within this model, all pupils will return to school five days a week from August 12th. There will still be strict observation of handwashing and hygiene throughout the school day. The safety and well-being of all our pupils will remain our top priority with health and safety measures set out within appropriate risk assessments.

We are waiting for confirmation about our breakfast club & after school club provision.

We are also waiting for confirmation of allocation of hours for children within our ELC.

Model B

Our first contingency plan, model B is based on the return to school with 2m social distancing. These plans have been shared with parents and enable pupils to return to school two days a week from August 12th. As previously shared, we would hope to increase in-school attendance with the 3&2 pattern using alternate Fridays so pupils are able to be in school for 50% of the time over two weeks. We have organised the whole school roll, including nursery pods and pupils from P1-7 in groups according to parents’ preferred days and friendships, and will share the allocated days with you next week, so that you have these for your own contingency planning should it seem likely over the course of the summer that the full return will not be possible.

Model C

This contingency plan is based upon a return to school with 1m social distancing. We have calculated that  we would be able to return 100 per cent of pupils to school five days a week with 1m social distancing and would follow appropriate risk assessments to ensure the safety and well-being of our pupils.


As mentioned at the Parent Council meeting last week, our school roll for P1-7 is currently on the cusp between 13 and 14 classes. For this reason, we will not be able to share the name of your child’s class teacher with you before the summer break as we will be able to confirm how our classes will be configured before then. I realise that this will be disappointing, but would like to reassure that this means that when we are back in August we will be able to allocate new classes for the session 2020/21 with confidence.

I will be in touch with the school community from early August when it is confirmed how schools will re-open. Please be assured that we will be able to use Model B immediately with the groupings we have should this be the case, and will be able to confirm this with you before the start of the session. If we return fully, we will make plans to share the new classes with children at the start of the session.

We are at the end of a long and busy week, and as ever would like to thank you for your continued support for the school. We are very nearly at the end of session, and I am keen to remind you of some key events coming up next week:

Monday June 29th 12.00pm P7 Leavers’ Assembly

Wednesday July 1st 2.00pm End of session Assembly

Thursday July 2nd MOL’s Got Talent – share your talent and we will enjoy watching this on our last day of the session!

Thursday July 2nd 12.00pm Schools break up for summer

Tuesday August 11th – In-set day (school closed to pupils)

Wednesday August 12th – School opens to pupils (model to be confirmed after government review July 30th)

Please note that schools will close on June 25th 2021 for the summer holidays next year, on account of our return to school one week ahead of the planned return in August 2020.

Have a good weekend and looking forward to seeing everyone at different assemblies/ events next week!

happy weekend

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