Transitions at school

As we move into June, we are planning for the transitions ahead for all our pupils at the school. Today we are sharing surveys with parents to complete for all children (from ELC to P7) to complete to give us your views and thoughts about what might make this transition during school closure as supportive and positive as possible for all children. There are the significant transitions of Nursery into P1, and P7 into S1 and we will share details of transition for these with you. For all children, we would really value your views so that we can plan and prepare fully for the children for session 2020/21. Thank you for your time completing these. Please submit your responses by Friday June 5th.

Nursery-P1 Transition Survey

P1-P6 Transition Survey

P7-S1 Transition Survey

Please also see below the Millburn transition timeline for P7.

P7 Millburn Transition Timeline


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