Spacex Launch!

Whilst we have been concentrating on the world these past few weeks, we can cast our minds back to our learning at the start of term about our planet in the solar system and the moon which orbits our planet, Earth. Tonight there is a very exciting launch – Spacex’s Falcon 9 rocket which will take two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. This is very exciting as even from 6,000km away in the UK we might be able to see it in the sky! Coverage of the launch is being live streamed on

Nasa’s YouTube channel

or look out for news stories about this tomorrow morning. The expected take-off time is 9.33pm. If it is delayed there is re-launch plan for Saturday. This will be the first commercial space flight carrying people, and could be the beginning of a new era in space tourism, with ‘taxis’ to the moon! Wow!

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