Brace yourselves…for a full-on, action packed health and well-being week

That’s right…as a school MOL is on the move next week. Together we are going to get out as much as we can, learn some fitness and sports routines, enjoy a focus on social and emotional well-being and learn how to keep ourselves healthy with food and nutrition.

So what’s in store for us?

    • On Monday, you will have a Health and Well-Being (HWB) grid assigned on your google classroom for the week. This is the IDL grid for next week. We will not be traveling away from home on a virtual MOL tour, but instead in our homes and around our community, following current safety guidance.
    • Thanks to our house captains who have created a different fitness routine for us for every day of the week – wear GREEN for your workout on Monday with Greenwood – woohoo! The IDL grid will let you know about the order of the other houses during the week.
    • Massive thanks to a great number of friends, families and staff who have contributed to lots of varied activities for the week. All the information is on the HWB grid, and we’ll give updates on the blog so no-one misses out.
    • We will aim for a ‘live’ workout meet together for the whole school and community at 2.00pm on Thursday May 28th.
    • On Friday May 29th it is Highland Hospice’s wear yellow day. As our school charity for this year we have planned fundraiser for Highland Hospice during the year. For now, we have taken the decision in the current circumstances to raise awareness of this day by encouraging everyone to wear yellow and to design a sunflower for display in their window. We know families may decide to donate to the hospice, and as a school we have raised over £700 for the charity this session.
    • AND finally, let’s get moving…we invite everyone in the school community to join us on our epic REAL journey to cover 10,000km together! Wow – a MOL-a-thon! This is a journey which links to our World Tour theme as we travel the distance between the equator and the North Pole. Together with staff and pupils from ELC-P7, we have 500 members in our immediate school community. When we add in parents and other family members who might join us on our mighty trek we will have many more on the move. So we have set this challenge for ourselves for our HWB week – can we move 10,000km together? For the school community this is a target of 20km per person, an average of 4km per day, Monday to Friday – go on…we can do it, our very own MOL-a-thon, especially with all the help of our friends and families.
    • For the MOL-a-thon, it would be good if everyone could download the Strava app (instructions from Miss Hutcheson on the link) app
  • What a lot to look forward to for the final week of May – let’s get going! I’m looking out my walking shoes this weekend, Mrs Snedden 😃Let's Get Moving
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