VE Day

Good morning everyone,

This week we celebrate 75 years since the end of WWII in Europe. We have created this assembly for the children as well as the learning grid, both of which the children will also find in their google classroom.

Our theme to mark the 75th anniversary has been finding and sharing stories linked to the war and VE Day. We hope you will also enjoy listening to the different stories. This is our way of keeping this part of our history alive in our minds, and the stories help  reveal different aspects of the war through the shared memories of the experiences and encounters of the people at the time.

On Thursday we will have our own virtual community VE Day tea party at 2.00pm. We hope you will  be able to join us for this. Meantime, please enjoy listening to the stories from our past…

We are working on the links below to make sure that all videos are accessible to view publicly. The children can access them on their google classrooms, but we are updating all settings to make sure everyone can see them. We’ll update soon.

Milton of Leys VE Day 2020 Assembly

Milton of Leys VE Day 2020 Learning Activities

Two small girls waving their flags in the rubble of Battersea, snapped by an anonymous American photographer.

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