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Blog post from 26.03.20

We hope everyone is beginning to settle into routines with their learning at home this week. It has been great to see so much learning through the google classrooms and to see children being able to stay in touch with each other and their teacher using google hangouts!

We appreciate that this is a learning curve for everyone and comes at a time when the community is facing additional pressures and fears with the Coronavirus epidemic. Please remember as we have said since the school closure announcement last week, that we are here for you and willing to support in any way possible. Online learning is a national response for the continued provision of education for our children. You will have heard directly from teachers by email so that you have an immediate point of contact, as well as my own email. We are here to guide and support you and your children with learning at home.

As we would during normal term time, we will be reviewing as a staff the successes and pressures of the past week and online learning at home. I will also seek parental feedback with a short online survey for the end of the week as your views are important to us in shaping a curriculum for learning at home should the closure continue for some time into next term. We want children to be happy and engaged with their learning at home as we would at school during term time. Teachers will seeks views from their classes about what has gone well and what could be different/improved. Together we can make this new experience of online learning at home positive for our children.

Please note that in terms of registration, we are have a duty to register all children even though they are currently at home during this school closure phase. Our registration time is by 9.30am, and this is working well in most cases. This structure of registering for learning will be especially important if closure continues into next term.

However, we fully understand that the current circumstances for many of our families working in front line duties can mean working to different timescales at home, and in these cases parents can stay in touch directly with teachers so that we know their children are well and engaging with learning. When a child is unwell we would expect parents to let us know and they are recorded as ‘absent’ that day. The authority is expecting to record attendance at the end of session as normal.

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of any support to you and your families.

With best wishes,

Mrs Snedden

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Over the current school closure, please contact your child’s class teacher by email if you have any queries about online learning. If you have any other concerns, please contact Meg Snedden, Acting Head Teacher, using the following email:

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