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Please see below information for pupils who have musical instruction through High Life Highland.

Further to information sent from High Life Highland regarding global services, we are making contact to inform you that as far as possible, Music Instructors are going to maintain pupil contact over the coming weeks and months using Google Classroom (parent guide attached if required).

Instructors have Google classrooms for most of their schools. All children have access to Google in schools with their chrome books. However, they can sign in on any device when at home. We know younger pupils don’t get chrome books home but if they use their sign in details for their chrome books on another device, they will have access to their classroom.


We are suggesting to Instructors that they can encourage video recordings of pupils playing a piece they are working on to the appropriate classroom for the Instructor to view and send comments back (Primary and/or secondary) in addition to the posting of materials for use at home.

Secondary pupils have access to google hangouts (or meets on the updated version) and it may be appropriate for an Instructor to attempt live online lessons at pre-arranged times. If internet/data etc prevents this from happening, then posting video recordings like the primary schools is an alternative.

We hope to have as much of this as possible in place by the week after Easter holidays, if not before. Your support, cooperation and patience is much appreciated in what are simply unprecedented circumstances.

We would also encourage all our pupils to continue to practice, play and enjoy music during their time at home in addition to any other educational activities they are able to undertake.

Tuition fees: Direct Debits are collected in arrears, so the March payment will be collected as normal.  End of April direct debits will be ‘frozen’ and once we see the level of provision we can make after Easter, this will be reviewed for subsequent months in addition to taking developing wider  circumstances into account.  In exceptional circumstances, please contact HIU@highlfehighland.com should financial difficulties prevail over the coming months.

Norman Bolton – Music Development Officer


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