Celebration of Achievement

In the first of our celebration of achievement assemblies for this term, we were able to recognise successes in so many different ways across the school from P1-7.

Lots of our pupils spoke about how they keep practising until they reach their target, and don’t give up, which was a great message to share!

So, for our roll call this week we have:

  • P1A Eilidh for successfully learning to read words by sounding out her sounds 
  • P1B Ella for AMAZING writing all on her own
  • P1/2 Anya and Jacob for fantastic storytelling all about the gingerbread man
  • P2 Shannon for being a great friend
  • P3A Jessica for great writing re-telling her trip to the beach
  • P3B Emily and Struan for explaining how they work to reach their learning targets
  • P4 Caleb and Leo for all their learning about angles (and checking what others in the assembly know about angles too!)
  • P4/5 Jackson and Calum for fantastic learning all about time
  • P5 Grace represented her class as Mrs McKay spoke how welcoming everyone had been in class, and Grace described the P5 spelling system which got the thumbs up!
  • P5/6 Isla and Scarlett for their detailed fact files about Martin Luther King Junior
  • P6 Emily also for demonstrating great research skills on her Martin Luther King Junior fact file, 
  • P6/7 Ava for her commitment and can-do attitude to basic facts
  • P7 Olivia for effective script writing and alongside Gareth for technical ability with music apps.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a great range of highlighted achievements in just the first week back of term. Great job, everyone! We’re looking forward to sharing lots more successes in different ways across the school over the course of this term.

Assembly 13.01.20 picture 1Assembly 13.01.20 Picture 2Assembly 13.01.20 Picture 3

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