House Morning

What a fantastic success our house morning was today, creating festive friezes to decorate the school. Our team of house captains worked so well alongside their fellow house ‘mates’ to create a wonderful range of Christmas artwork for the school. Thank you to the team of Miss McPherson and Miss Coe in ensuring it came together for the P7s leading the event. Of course, a massive well done to the house captains for their teamwork, motivation and perseverance resulting in what we’re sure you will agree when you’re in school over the festive season and are some fantastic, original pieces of art.

To echo the Parent Council, thank you also to the whole school community for your fantastic generosity on our Dress Down for Chocolate Day – a great success all round!

PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-05-43PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-05-58PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-03PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-04 (1)PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-04 (2)PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-04PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-42PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-46PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-51 (3)PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-51PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-53PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-55PHOTO-2019-11-28-17-06-56

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