OJ SPORTS 2019/20

OJ Sports is delighted to return for year NINE at Milton of Leys

ALL registration info for both our regular after school classes on a Friday and our summer camps (at Milton of Leys Primary) are on my new website found on the link below. Please register ASAP as spaces for the younger classes in particular tend to go very quickly.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing all your children back at OJ Sports on the 23rd of August

OJ 🙂




🔴 50% Discount off all holiday camps

£40 for 30 hours, bargain

🔴 50% discount on birthday party bookings

🔴 FREE OJ Sports T-Shirt

🔴 50% Discount on Christmas Shopping Camps

🔴 If your child misses a class they can attend the three hour Drop n Shop on the following Saturday for free.

🔴 WEEKLY 50% DISCOUNT – OJ and DW members get to book in for our new Retail Park Saturday 3 hour Drop N Shop for £7.50, non members pay £15

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