P6’s Design a Perfect Property for a Bee Competition Results!

Design a Bee HousePeter Murphy, Branch Manager at YourMove, set us a challenge as part of our Bee Brilliant project.  The challenge, ‘Design a perfect property for a Queen Bee.’   The P6s looked at all the features used in property schedules and then used what they learned to produce their own property schedules for a Queen Bee.  Peter came in today to judge the entries.  He was really impressed with the level of attention to detail.  He chose three winners who each received a £10 gift card for Waterstones, the prizes were donated by YourMove.

1st place was Olivia, 2nd place was Keita and 3rd place was Ava H.  (Unfortunately Ava H was not in for the photo).

Peter took quite a few of the schedules away to display them in the Inverness YourMove branch – he really was impressed.  And a special thanks went to Iona for noticing that YourMove were misspelling Inshes in their property schedules.

Thank you Peter and thank you P6 for your efforts.

Ms. Ross

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