Day Three at Costa Del Craggan

Today P7 had another action packed day filled with high energy activities! As well as the usual team building and adventure activities P7 have been working to find as many answers for their team quiz! Each team competes throughout the week seeking to gain as many points as possible through their activities as well as being ready, respectful and safe. The teams are very evenly split and competition is fierce! Everyone is working as hard as possible to earn every point available.

P7 continued to rotate around archery, gorge walking, kayaking, rock climbing to name but a few. This evening they competed against one an other in a highly entertaining game of frisbee golf!

It was been lovely to receive lots of very positive comments from the Craggan staff team as well as members of the public for P7 being well mannered, great encouragers, working well as a team etc. Each evening we ask P7 their highlight from the day and I was delighted to share with P7 my highlight was hearing so many people speak so positively about the pupils of MOL – well done team MOL!


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