Day Two at Craggan

Wow….what a day! P7 have had an absolutely action packed day! P7 were up at 7am, washed, dressed and ready for breakfast by 8am. We then set off from our accommodation to Craggan Outdoors centre to start our day of activities.

The weather has been slightly wet but P7’s spirits have not been dampened… They have sang, chanted, boogied and partied through what we like to call at Craggan ‘liquid sunshine!’

Today team Lomond took part in Gorge Walking. The gorge was running high and fast but P7 sure did have a blast! The highlights from gorge walking for all is the big slide at the end! Team Macdui’s favourite activity today was raft building, where they had a very competitive Miss McPherson join their team. Team Macdui built two rafts using poles, ropes and barrels. BOTH rafts stayed afloat and everyone had fun playing ‘fruit salad’ and compass points. Cairngorm couldn’t  choose between kayaking and high ropes, both brilliant activities! Some fears were certainly conquered today with the leap of faith! Finally Lochnagar had a blast out mountain biking zooming around the different tracks and trails in the woods.

For dinner this evening P7 enjoyed chicken curry and rice. Everyone loved Craggan’s famous chicken curry and almost all the pupils cleared their plate!

This evening P7 competed against each other in Craggan’s Highland Games. Teams took part in the wellie throw, shot putt, limbo, caber toss, tug of war and finally they are created their own team chant.

Last night everyone went to bed happy and slept right through. Night two….so far so good everyone seems to be sleeping well! 🙂


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