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As you will know, we have been focusing upon developing our various approaches to learning through the outdoors, including the introduction of ‘Loose Parts’ for the children to use during break and lunch time.

In order to ensure that our approaches to Outdoor Learning are in line with current national/local guidance and best practice, we have revised our Outdoor Learning policy and carried out a full Risk Assessment, supported directly and approved/signed off by Highland Council’s Health and Safety Adviser.

We are keen to share information with all parents in order to provide guidance and reassurance about our approaches being very much in line with what is happening across a large number of schools throughout the country.

As you will see from the links provided on the rationale, adopting the ‘Loose Parts’ approach to developing outdoor play-based learning is something that is now expected to appear as part of day to day provision in all schools,

We have shared and discussed our approaches to learning outdoors with the Parent Council, who have been keen to support our approaches as well as running the recent Parent Workshops which included a session outlining many of our approaches to Outdoor Learning (as part of the Health and Well-Being Curriculum).

Please click below to download a copy of the Rationale for Outdoor Learning which also includes links to national documents for this area.

Outdoor Learning at Milton of Leys Primary School March19

On a similar note, we are holding our second Grounds Day tomorrow (Thursday 25th) and are looking for parent volunteers to come in and help us with our preparation for this year’s MOL in Bloom/Bee Brilliant project. It would be great to see as many parents who have an interest in helping to develop the outdoors as possible! 



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