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Following on from meeting with Parent Council members today, we have made plans to improve conditions in the playground for everyone.

Break & Lunch-time Play in the Mud Kitchens/Designated Raised Bed

From next week, we will have set days for pupils to be able to play in the mud kitchens/designated raised beds at break and lunch times. The teamwork, learning and organisation between the pupils as they have played together forming dams and engaging in different building projects has been fantastic to see real child-led learning experiences. However, we are aware that the volume of muddied clothes going home to be washed is not sustainable. So, from next week the following rota for playing in the mud at break and lunch-times for pupils who are keen to do so will apply:

Monday: P2 & P6

Tuesday: P3 & P4


Wednesday: P1 & P7

Thursday: P4 & P5

Friday: P2 & P3

On these days in particular we would ask that if your child is likely to be wanting to play in the mud that they come wearing old clothes that you are happy to have muddy. Every day they should come with suitable outdoor clothes for playing outside but these would be designated for ‘muddy play’ and you would not feel the need wash them for school again the next day. As a school we will look into the possibility of having a supply of old clothes and in-school overalls/boots for such play but this would not be possible straight away.


Playground Big Tidy

On Thursday and Friday of next week we will be spending time as a whole school thinking of others. As part of this, and in keeping with our school rules of being Ready, Respectful and Safe, we are going to undertake a big tidy of the playground. This will ensure we are back for the full week beginning Monday 25th February with a playground that is tidy and ready for good use.

MOL in Bloom

As in the past few years, we will be asking for support to prepare the raised beds towards the end of term – a Spring Clean – as our whole school MOL in Bloom 2019 gets underway. Please look out for a date for our outdoor Spring Clean and preparation of the raised beds – we would be grateful for as much support from families as possible. Thank you; we look forward to building on the wide range of outdoor learning experiences we have enjoyed together at MOL.





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2 thoughts on “MOL Outdoors

  1. I find this response on the ‘ Blog’ more than a bit disingenuous….

    The concern by most ( and by that I mean many) parents is the utterly disgraceful state of the school grounds with all the rubbish lying around awaiting a child to have a serious accident …I and many others have been wondering if the School management live in the same world as those who frequent the outside areas ..?

    There has been a minor tidy up around the grounds where the razor sharp broken pots, half barrel full of rusty burnt nails and many of the tripping hazards have been partly tidied away.
    What remains is what must amount to over 100 old worn tyres strewn all over the school grounds .
    I witness 3 lads climbing over the pile of tyres piled at the fence by the Muga on Friday afternoon

    …..i have to add that during the numerous discussions in the school grounds that I heard no parent agreeing that there was a need for old worn tyres in a school playground ….and have the management considered what would / will be their excuse to try to brush it all under the Blog carpet when a child gets seriously hurt ?

    This playground should be just that , not resemble an assault course …

    A massive clean up is required to get some normality back …..

    • Many thanks for the comment and for sharing your thoughts on the school grounds.
      As you have seen from the blog post, following on from meeting with Parent Council Chair and Vice-Chair at the end of last week, we have plans in place to address many of the issues raised above. This includes that our playground is safe and tidy and that our outdoor space is a positive environment for our children.
      As you will be aware, we are holding Parental Workshops on Tuesday 5th March where use of the Outdoor Environment will be covered within the Health and Well-Being workshop. This would be an opportunity for parents to discover more about how the tyres play a part in our approaches to learning and play outdoors.

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