P1 – 3 Lunch Time Update

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As we approach the wild winter weather that Milton of Leys has to offer we have made a change to the structure of our lunch times for our P1-3 pupils.

Lunch time for P1-3 runs from 12:20 – 13:30

Pupils will go to lunch. When they are finished eating, P1-3 pupils will have playtime on the MUGA. At 13:00 P1-3 pupils will move off the MUGA to allow the older children to have their turn.

At 13:00 P1-3 pupils have the choice of coming indoors or staying outside for the last 30 minutes. On a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday P1-3 will be invited into the gym hall to watch a film together. On a Wednesday they may come indoors to the P7 classrooms for drawing and colouring.

It is very important to us that all pupils have time outdoors to enjoy physical play. As the younger pupils lunch time is considerably longer we have decided to give the wee ones the option to come in for part of the time while the weather is particularly cold.

When weather is extremely wet and/or windy all pupils will have an indoor break.

It would be helpful if you could spend 5 minutes chatting to your child about whether any of these ‘indoor’ options are something that your child would like to do. This will allow them to be clearer as to how their lunchtime will look.



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