Muddy Muddy Muddy

Unfortunately due to our very mild winter, large parts of our playground have become extremely muddy. Although lots of pupils absolutely love playing in the mud and we have seen some outstanding learning through play mud experiences, some areas are soon going to become too dangerous to continue playing in.

Today we have cordoned off areas of the playground that are now too muddy for pupils to play safely.

Although we have cordoned off a number of areas of the playground there will still be times that pupils become wet and muddy during the term. It would be very helpful if every pupil could please take a spare change of clothes to keep in their tray at school. This means that if anyone has a fallen the playground weather it be mud, wet or snow they are able to change quickly and this also saves a phone call home for dry clothes to be dropped off.

Finally, please could you ensure your child has a pair of suitable indoor shoes. Indoor shoes are important has it helps keep our school tidy and essential for having to go outside in the event of an emergency.



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