Homework Club

There will be no Homework Club next week (17th December 2018) due to no homework going home during the last week of term.

Furthermore, we are delighted with the high number of pupils wishing to attend but with a limited number of supporting adults and space, we are going to need to restrict our capacity to a maximum of 35 pupils for a 6 week block. After this block, we will review and run the homework club again to allow the opportunity for more pupils to attend.  This will allow us to have more individual support time with all the children.

The aim of this club is to help support children who may feel more comfortable completing homework with a teacher on-hand or for children who would enjoy making use of a quiet working environment to complete their homework.

If this is something you feel your child would enjoy/benefit from, then please complete and return the slip that went home in bookbags today. Please remember that some homework tasks are designed for that essential conversation and sharing time between parent and child, for example, the homework tasks set for our younger pupils in P1, who are at just the start of their school journey. Therefore, homework club may not be appropriate for your child’s needs at the moment, but instead might be something they will benefit from in the future.

Homework club spaces will be filled on a first come-first served basis. If your child has previously attended the homework club, please complete and return the form again. This will let us know that your child still wishes to attend and book their space.

It is important that we have an up-to-date register each week so that we can know which children are in our care after school. If there are any changes to collection arrangements, or a week that your child won’t be attending the homework club, please let Miss Shimmield know by email: anna.shimmield@highland.gov.uk

Happy holidays to all when it comes!

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