MOL Market – 2 Days To Go!


P7 have created a contemporary looking Christmas tree for your garden. P7 were kindly donated pallets from M&H carriers. They have worked hard to break up the pallets and remove the old nails. Our pallet tree team then carefully measured different lengths of wood to size before using a saw to cut them. We have also been supported by one of our night time FM’s Alastair, who has kindly neatened up the edges using his chop-saw. Once each length of wood was cut the team set about painting the pallets before using a drill to assemble the tree. Finally P7 have used old buttons to decorate the tree.

We have 30 pallet Christmas trees available to buy and have the capacity to make to order if required. 🙂

Trees will be sold for £10 each.

Doors open 2pm on Wednesday 28th November 2018

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