MOL Market – 4 Days To Go!!

Only four days to go until P7 open their Christmas MOL Market doors to the public! 

MOL Market is a Social Enterprise Business. P7 have created a large range of quality Christmas gifts to sell. All of our products are sustainably produced using either re-cycled or up-cycled materials. As with any business we have a range of departments. Today we would like to introduce the reindeer department.

Wooden Reindeer 

Created with a little help from our friends at Millburn Academy P7 pupils used their workshop to create festive Reindeer using locally sourced wood. P7 had to cut wood to size. Drill holes for the neck and legs as well as carve the reindeer face. Back at MOL we added the finishing touches, antlers, eyes, red nose and a wee red saddle too.

Last year our wooden reindeer were extremely popular and a complete sell out. This year we have 17 to sell. They will be sold for £25 each.

Doors open at 2pm on Wednesday 28th November.


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