MoL Library and Book Week Scotland

To celebrate Book Week Scotland, we will be re-launching the Milton of Leys Library next week!

All the pupils will have the opportunity to visit the library and borrow books. We will continue to build on our collection over the course of the year, so if there is a series or author missing which your child really enjoys (and you think others would too!) then please let us know! Donations of pre-loved books are always welcome. Thank you to the families who have already kindly donated.

In addition, there will be lots of different activities and events happening throughout the school. These will be centered on sharing stories together.


P1-P3 will receive their “book bag” packs which are donated by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Book Trust to encourage reading at home. P1-P3 classes are celebrating this in different ways!

Bella-Books! –  Wednesday 21st November 2018, 1.45pm-2.45pm

Nursery & P1A, P1B, P1/2

A festival of books and reading! There will be story-telling activities and the P1 children will be presented with their P1 Bookbug Bags to take home. All parents and carers are welcome!

Books and Buns – Friday 23rd November 2018

P1/2 and P2 at 9.15am-10.00am

P2/3, P3, P3/4 at 2.00-2.45pm

Enjoy sharing a book with a tasty treat! There will also be an opportunity to visit the library and the children will be presented with their P2/P3 Read, Write, Count Bags! All parents and carers are welcome! Donations of home-baking are also welcome!

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