New parents’ evening online booking system

For this term’s parents’ nights we are using an online booking system used by a large number of secondary and primary schools across Scotland. You will have received information about this from school this afternoon, and a copy of the letter with all the relevant information can be found on the link below. Parents’ nights this year are on Tuesday 13th November 3.15-5.35pm and Thursday 15th 5.00-8.00pm. If you have any difficulty using the system when logging on to please contact the school office on Monday. Bookings can be made from 7.00pm this evening until 12.00pm on Monday 12th November. We look forward to seeing everyone in school for parents’ nights the week after next. Thank you!

Parents Evening Letter 2018

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MOL Primary, opened in 2011 and is a primary school with well over 500 pupils serving the area around Milton of Leys. There are currently 16 classes with children ranging from age 5-12 as well as pre-school children aged 3 and 4 years old.

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