Your MOL Hockey club needs YOU!

Please see below some information from the hockey club coaches about the fantastic success of the school’s hockey club. It is time now for the current coaches to step down. If you are able to help out, please contact the school or Jean for more information.

Thank you

MOL hockey club was yet again successful and won the Highland Hockey Schools Tournament last month. All team members played amazingly well and displayed all the hockey skills they have learnt and practised over the years with Jean Deakin (Head Coach).

Unfortunately Jean and the parent helpers (Lesley Gordon, Jane Ross  and Jackie Stainsby) are no longer able to run and support the weekly sessions. If anyone is interested in taking this very successful school club forward, please contact Jean Deakin or the school.

We would like to thank MOL hockey players, parents, MOL school teachers and janitors for all the support they have given the MOL hockey club over the last 7 years.




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