Parking in the School Car Park

Image result for car parking clipart

Can we please remind parents and visitors to the school to think very carefully about where they are parking in the school car park.  With the safety of all children in mind, we ask that you do not park on or directly beside the zebra crossings.  These crossing are there to ensure that children can safely walk into the school grounds.  Obstructing the view of these crossings makes it very dangerous for our children to cross the road.

Our JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers) are going to be working on a plan to encourage children to walk/bike/scooter to school.  There will be footprints printed on the pavements around the school to encourage children to cross the road at the pedestrian crossing.  We are also looking at getting road markings to highlight a 5mph speed limit within the school car park.

This week, we will be having a Road Safety Magic Show to encourage children to cross the road safely.  We will also have our community policeman coming in to speak with the classes about road safety in the coming weeks. Please take time to reinforce this message with your child(ren) at home to make sure that they are aware of the dangers of the road and how to cross a road safely.

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