End of term news

Term 3 ended with such excitement with MOL’s first ever performance in J Rock and a wonderful house morning in school. Congratulations to the J Rockers who won a number of certificates for their performance. Congratulations also to the house and vice captains, plus other P7 leaders, for their fantastic work coordinating their houses so that we could all learn some more about the world’s different continents in preparation for our health and well-being week when we return from the holidays. We are very proud of the high levels of commitment and teamwork on the part of the pupils and staff which lead to the successes and learning experienced through these events. A huge thank you to the teachers for driving through and leading these significant events, from house mornings and J Rock to the school’s accreditation with the Digital Schools Award, the first school in Inverness to receive this accolade. Well done all, happy holidays and see you refreshed and ready for Term 4 on Monday April 16th. Pictures to follow.

Mrs Snedden and Mrs Mateer

One thought on “End of term news

  1. Mrs. McCormick

    A huge thank you to all the staff involved in J Rock. It was a huge commitment especially as it was the last day of term. Harry had an amazing day and is gutted it’s all over!

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