P7 skiing

Skiing People Cartoon Characters Skis in Snow

This is just to let P7 parents know we are awaiting confirmation of the date for skiing but that this could be as soon as Monday March 19th.

Once we have final confirmation from Cairngorm we will issue a letter with the date but for now were keen to let you know of the likely date to give you time to gather skiing equipment at home, or to contact the school if you would like to access the spare ski kit we have at school – although we only have a limited supply we will aim to ensure everyone has all that they need so please contact us if you are stuck for kit!

On the ski day, pupils need to come to school dressed and ready to ski. They will need warm clothes, salopettes, ski jacket, gloves and goggles/sports sun glasses.

Also we will leave school at 8:30am and expect to return by 4.00pm. If for any reason we are delayed we will keep parents updated using the school blog and new information facebook page.


The response for help with transporting pupils to Cairngorm has been fantastic and is very much appreciated. Parents helping with transport are very welcome to spend the day skiing however unfortunately we are not able to pay for the equipment hire and pass. The cost for parent volunteers wishing to take part will be £28.80 for a ski pass and £17.32 for adult rental.

Please look out for confirmation of the ski date at the beginning of next week. Thank you



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