SDS workshops for P7

Connected to their learning about skills and the world of work, both P7 classes enjoyed fantastic workshops at Skills Development Scotland Inverness. Pupils were challenged through STEM to design moving vehicles without circular wheels and this paved the way for a day of creativity, problem solving, communication and teamwork, to name just some of the skills developed through the workshops. We would like to thank the team at SDS and in particular Alessio Gusmeroli (My World Of Work Live!) for his work alongside the P7 pupils to ensure they were supported and challenged with the technological problem. Hopefully MOL will be back again before long!

Meantime take a look at some our budding scientists, programmers, designers and engineers in action!

PIC 15PIC 14PIC 13pic-12.jpgpic-111.jpgpic-10.jpgPIC 9pic-8.jpgPIC 7PIC 6PIC 5PIC 3PIC 2



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