Safer Internet Day!

On Tuesday 6th February it was Safer Internet Day and classes throughout the school took part in Internet Safety lessons and activities over the course of this week. Internet Safety education is vital in this day and age, with so many children accessing and using the internet on a daily basis.  It was super to see that our pupils had a great understanding of E-Safety and could share lots of tips about how to stay safe.

Across the school pupils took part in discussions, watched videos, played games and completed activities. P5 even made their own E-Safety games to share with their younger buddies!

Our MOL Digital Leaders also popped into P4-7 classes to give E-Safety lessons and did a fantastic job! They spoke about lots of issues such as junk email, keeping healthy online, passwords and staying private. They also introduced them to Gooseberry Planet which is an E-Safety game on the chromebooks – great fun! Well done to the Digital Leaders 🙂


More information about Safer Internet Day for parents is available at the following link:

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