Education governance proposals

We have been asked by the Highland Council to make parents aware of current Scottish government proposals for changes in Education Governance.

Please take the time to read the letter and follow the link for further information and to give your opinion about the proposals.

The deadline for this is Tuesday January 30th.

Education governance proposal letter for parents

2018.01.22 – Ed Gov -parents


One thought on “Education governance proposals

  1. Ian M

    What immeadiately sprung to mind for me was that the two signatories for Highland Council are part of the ruling Lib Dem/Labour/Independent coalition currently running the council.
    In the letter they talk of caring for all the children, yet have currently themselves proposed to cut ASN and PSA roles in a move that would make bridging the attainment gap harder and hit hard those kids most in need of the support.
    I think more power at school level could be a good thing, especially if councillors continue to play party politics with children’s education, but need more information to make an informed decision.

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