Ready, Set, SEW!

Some of you may have noticed the introduction of Lycra around the school.

The plan is to make a number of things like below.


lycra for use at schoolThese can be used in a number of ways… for sensory feedback.

  • Kids can go in them
  • They can be wrapped around the legs of a chair for the pupil to ‘ping’ with their feet
  • They can be used for ‘heavy work’ like tug of war
  • They can go home or be kept in class (or both)
  • They can be used to calm down a child
  • They can be used to wrap a hug around a child’s shoulders
  • They can be tucked in around the child’s thighs when they are on a chair
  • … there are countless ideas

All of the Lycra has been  donated by two fantastic companies.  I am looking for volunteers to take some Lycra home to sew it into these tube shaped bands.

There are loads of ideas on Pintrest of things you can make with Lycra to help children that seek out sensory feedback – please feel free to be creative.

If you think you can help and would like to collect some Lycra please email me at

Also, If you have seen anything similar that you think could benefit our children feel free to share.  I am always happy to hear about fantastic ideas.

Many thanks in advance,

Dianne Ross, Support for Learning Teacher

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