The Lost Property Mountain!

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The ongoing issue of unclaimed lost property continues to blight the school and at the start of another school year, it is more and more of an eyesore to have so many unclaimed belongings around the school.

The vast majority of the lost property tends to be uniform in various forms-jumpers, polo shirts, trousers, gloves, hats, scarves, fleeces, jackets…the list goes on.

As you will know, we display any items which are found on one of the trolleys just outside the main office for parents to have a look through and reclaim anything that looks familiar. At this point, the mountain of goods appears even larger than normal so we will once again be sorting through to make a more organised pile of items which can then be searched through over the coming days.

It is our intention to ‘ragbag’ any items which have not been re-claimed by Friday 24th August so that we can reduce the space that the lost property takes up and to make the school entrance look a little less untidy.

Over the course of the next week or so, there will Hopes and Dreams meetings so please do take a moment to check through the trolleys and take home anything that your child has inadvertently left behind.


2 thoughts on “The Lost Property Mountain!

  1. Maria ross

    Ragbag? Wat is that? There are so many charities in need of clothes. Or if there is no name on it could we re sell as seconds within the school to raise funds for the school?

    1. Ragbag is a charity who collect clothes and other items. The container for Ragbag is in the school car park.
      We do tend to keep the good quality uniform to use as ‘spare’ clothing.

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