The BIG Question of the Week! What is your favourite sound? 

We talked in assembly about how to become a Super Listener and one of the things we discussed was what our fav sound was and how it made us feel. There were so many children wanting to share theirs that we ran out of time. So…here’s your chance now. Tell us about your favourite sound and why. Earn yourself 4 Dojos….

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8 thoughts on “The BIG Question of the Week! What is your favourite sound? 

  1. My favourite sound is my dog Rudi howling at the ice cream van. It always makes me laugh and brightens up my day!
    Bethan Murphy P6B

  2. Verity P1 likes the sound of the letter B- it’s the first sound of her sister’s name- b for Bryony- makes her feel happy when she thinks of her.

  3. My favourite noise is bees humming because that makes me think it’s summer.
    Ryan Morrison

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