Strictly MOL-The Post Match Analysis!

Mainly for the benefit of those who do not follow us on Twitter and who weren’t privy to the live Tweeting that was taking place over the course of the night!An amazing night was had at our very first Strictly MOL 2017 with well over 150 in the audience who were wowed and delighted with the astonishing standard and quality of the dancing on show.

The high quality judging was also a standout with some massively supportive comments from the team of Amy Morrison, Claire Darcy, James Cook and Calum Scott-Woodhouse who did a superb job of ‘filling’ in for the original Strictly Team of Len, Craig, Darcy and Bruno!

Huge thanks to my co-host, the fabulous Nicol MacAlley, who demonstrated great professionalism to counter-act my slightly ‘ad-hoc’ presenting style!

Another notable thanks must go to our special guest, local Commonwealth Silver Medalist-Stephanie Inglis, who presented the prizes at the end as well as giving us a reminder of just how inspirational her story truly is.

Special thanks to Amanda Croall and Mrs Gribben who pulled this fantastic event together with amazing energy and vision. They both led this project from the very start and imagined up all of the brilliant visuals and stage designs which Sean then set about producing!

They were very ably supported by an incredible team of staff-Miss Vivian, Mrs MacAuley, Miss Hutcheson, Mrs Watson and Mrs MacLaren who have helped with the rehearsals and then again, on the night itself.

So…the results are as follows:

1st Caleb D and Mia C

2nd Ava W and Mya W

3rd Alfie M and Bethan M

Well done to each and every couple and to the amazing audience who helped create the fantastic atmosphere….

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