Clarity over the School Week for 2017/18

Following many rumours that have been starting to grow legs, I wanted to formally put to bed any doubts as to whether Milton of Leys will be moving to the 4 1/2 day week set up.

As per the email below from Bill Alexander, Director of Care and Learning:

We have restated a number of times, and I’ll restate here again, there is no current intention for all Primary Schools to operate a 4½ day week. Some are required to make changes because of transport arrangements within their ASG.  For all others, this is a matter for local determination with your staff and parents.

So, with this in mind, I am comfortable to state that we have NO plans to move to this model and we will continue planning on working towards a 5 day per week model.

Should this situation ever change, there would require to be a consultation process with parents before any move towards a change would even be considered.

I trust that this will put any concerns to rest…

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