P3 and the Stargazing Visit!

As a quick follow up to the visit from last week where P3 visited the Observatory at Culloden, we received a lovely letter which I’ve copied below:


Thank you so much for the chocolates, that was most kind of you and much appreciated. You have delightful children!

I loved the thank you letters and will be passing them on to Pat and Paul too. Thank you also for the cardboard tubes and we appreciated the one group on the Friday. Gosh, we were lucky with the sky although it did eventually cloud up on the Friday but I believe the children managed to see at least something.

Please let the Mums and Dads know that we have a public observing session on Friday 17th, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th March but they must visit our website to check we are going ahead and to also check the times as these will probably be different towards the end of the month.

There is also Stargazing Live at the very end of March but it will be too light to view much until much later in the evening which is a shame.

Thanks again,


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