Notification of HMIe Inspection at Milton of Leys Primary

We were notified today, of the intention for HMIe to visit our school. As part of the process of gathering information and views, parents are asked to complete a 10 minute survey which can be accessed below. I would encourage all parents to take the time to fill out this survey as this will greatly influence the inspection process. 

The letter below will be sent out to ALL parents in paper form on Friday but the electronic link below will allow any ‘keen beans’ to get started! 


Dear Parent/Carer,

HM Inspectors from Education Scotland will be visiting us to conduct an inspection during the week commencing Monday 13th March.  You can find out more about inspection, from the Inspection and review documentation pages of Education Scotland’s website.

As part of the inspection, Inspectors gather the views of stakeholders via an online survey which is available from

I would like to encourage you to complete the survey.  Inspectors will also be meeting with groups of parents during the inspection so to be part of that discussion you should complete the survey with additional links provided to indicate your interest in taking part.

You should complete the survey by Friday 3rd March for one child or for each of your children in attendance.

Kind regards,

Robert Quigley


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