MOL Teams Pull Together

When a group of individuals come together and unite as one they form a truly impressive force moving forward.

 This is what Milton Of Leys Primary School Basketball Team has proven this season.

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Since August, individually each player has made great progress.  At the first training session, some could not dribble the ball and run at the same time, others played as though only they were on the court, others had ball handling skills but didn’t know how to connect them on court with others.  With each player investing in themselves by focusing at training and working hard on their drills, they have progressed such that, as a TEAM, they are competitive with other schools across the Highlands playing in the Highland Primary Schools Basketball League.

In fact, our Boys first team were not only competitive this season having been placed 5th last year, they in fact challenged for the league title holding top spot going into the final day of league competition on points difference.  In what turned out to be the game of the season, we battled against Drakies Primary and with just 1 basket and 1 foul separating the teams on the final hooter we came home as league runners-up.  The commitment by all the players was tremendous with each giving their all on the court; Captain Nilavan and Vice-Captain Jaime lead Owen, Aaron, Fraser and Jack bringing their A game and playing their best.  Selected from all players across all teams, Nilavan was awarded one of the 4 All-Star boys players awards.

In their first of two games on Monday, the boys Second Team played what has to be described as their best game ever.  Teamwork and effort levels were key and it was amazing to see the boys pulling out all the stops for each other.  This resulted in them achieving their target of doubling the number of baskets they scored for the year compared to last season’s tally.  Captain Reuben and Vice-Captain Kian successfully lead their team of Tyler, Corey, Harris, Ben and Caleb.

With the Girls celebrating having secured third spot in the league on their maiden season, the girls had 1 game to play at Millburn against Hilton.  Securing the win by 11 points the girls proved just how far they have come as a team from the tentative early steps at the beginning of the season.  Captain Lois and Vice-Captain Evie lead their team of Lucy, Isla, Olivia, Zoe, Holly and Eilidh.  With 4 All-Star girl awards up for grabs for all players from all teams, the girls were delighted that MOL was represented again when Eilidh was awarded one of the medals.

As coach the overwhelming sensation for the day was pride.  Pride in individual players who stepped up for their team – pride for our 3 teams who played well as teams – pride in our successes and achievements in attaining our team targets.

Our next focus, will be playing at MOLball 2017, the first 3 v 3 interschool primary basketball tournament in the Highlands.  Training begins this week working towards more successes on the court.

Coach Tracy Tamijmarane, Milton of Leys Basketball


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