MOL Market – Valentines!

The next MOL Market is nearly upon us…only 9 more days to go! Primary 7 have been busy making lots of Valentines themed gifts. On sale will be:

  • Handmade eco-friendly scented candles
  • Jigsaw heart decorations
  • Heart shaped key rings (made by our 3D printer which you can see working it’s magic on the day!)
  • Chocolate heart gift bags
  • Motivational Messages in a bottle
  • Vintage tealight jars
  • Bows


We will also be running our cafe again, where children will be serving up warm heart shaped waffles along with a variety of cakes and biscuits and, of course, a good tea or coffee šŸ™‚

Entertainment this time will be provided by the P4/5 Scottish Country dance team who will perform 2 sets and P7 will be reciting and performing some famous, and some very humorous, Scots poetry!

So please come along, even if just for a cup of tea and a blether. P7’s aim is to simply provide an event for the community to get together and enjoy themselves.

See you Friday 10th February at 1.30pm!



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