The Road to Respect…Theme 2…Random Acts of Kindness

In assembly today, we introduced our second theme on the Road to Respect. We will now be thinking really hard about carrying out random acts of kindness in all that we do at school and at home. 

Remember that being kind can make a massive difference to someone who is having a bad day or feeling sad. 

There are so many ideas for what your act of kindness might be and we will make a chart to show you some ideas which pupils at MOL think are important. However, how about one of these to get you started? 

  • Saying good morning to someone you pass
  • Letting someone go in front of you in the lunch queue
  • Switching off the light in the room when you leave
  • Sitting next to someone at lunch time who you don’t know well
  • Tidying your bedroom without being asked
  • Offering to help unpack the shopping
  • Giving a compliment to someone you do not usually speak to

There are SO many more! 

Remember that if you see or hear of someone doing an act of kindness you can fill out a Nomination Form which you can ask your teacher for. Anyone nominated will be read out at assembly on Friday and will receive FIVE Dojo Points.

If any parent or family member wishes to nominate a pupil, please email and they will be awarded Dojo Points too. 

Let’s all have a proper go at being KIND!!!

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