Burns’ Day in P6B

P6B have been exploring all things Burns today and recited  an alternative version of a well-kent classic!

Tae a Bottle Flip
By Natalie Gallacher

The bottle is just sitting there
It could be on the desk or on the flair
The urge builds up inside ae you
But the teacher’s lookin, yer in her view.

Ye wait and wait until the time is right
Yer pals are lookin but you’re still in sight
Then the time comes, she’s ootside the cless
Ye stand up and get ready tae impress.

And just as yer aboot tae flip
Somebody quickly nudges yer hip
“Get a move oan, she’s coming back!”
If you don’t dae it noo, ye’ll get some flack.

Ye release the bottle intae the air
Ye look tae the sky and say a prayer
Please wee bottle land upright
It lands just where you wanted it, yer face is a sight!

Ye couldni be mare chuffed wae yersel
Yer pals are aw totally well jel
But the elatedness is very brief
Coz in she comes, the boss, the chief.

“Who flipped that bottle? Own up now!
Bottle flipping I will not allow!”
Yer hert is beatin awfy fast
Yer teacher is lookin awfy harassed

“It was me miss, I’m sorry tae say,
I’ll no dae it again,” I smile at her tae
But it’s no enough, she’ll no gee in
“Nae golden time for you son!” My bottle’s in the bin.

And that’s the tale o the bottle flip
Next time ye’d be better just taking a sip
And well noo, it’s safe to say
It’s no just the bottle that flips but the teacher tae!

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