The MOL Outdoor Advent Challenge!

Mrs Snedden and the Outdoor Gang, sent out a message to all pupils about the Outdoor Advent Challenge that has been taking place over December and I wanted to share how it had gone with everyone: 

Well done to everyone for all their hard work completing the outdoor advent challenges. It’s been great to see everyone outdoors, showing we can learn outdoors in all seasons (and weather!).

Special congratulations to P7A and P3A for completing all 15 of the challenges and to P7B and P5B for completing 13 – well done!

Tomorrow all pupils are invited to go for a final time only to the cone noted below against their class. There they will find their reward. The cones will be out for the morning only – before and after break.


Any questions, please ask. A huge thank you to the OLG pupils who have helped so much too – especially Ellie D in P7B who has been an absolute star throughout. Well done also to Elise, Olivia G, Honor, Jenny, Jay and Winston for all their hard work too. 

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