Sum Dog Success

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A number of children and classes have recently taken part in a variety of Sum Dog competitions and have had great success!

Sum Dog is an online maths resource which allows both children and classes to practice their basic facts knowledge against other children and classes from all over the country.

In these recent competitions, a number of classes have been taking part in competitions against other schools and pupils across Highland and have demonstrated great knowledge and application!

In particular, last week…

  • Owen C finished 9th in the ‘Individual’ category
  • His class, P7A. finished 5th overall in the ‘Regional’ category
  • P5B finished 12th out of 72 classes having come FIRST in the daily challenge on Wednesday
  • Carla Q finished 34th out of 754 pupils (to be precise!)

Well done to all those involved and watch out for regular updates on any other notable successes.

To find out more information, please go to:

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