MOL at Tennis Festival, Part 2!

Primary 5 had a very fun and successful time on their visit to the IRA on Friday. Sixteen children were selected to take part in a tennis tournament involving many other schools from around Inverness. After lots of close matches our teams finished with two second places –great work!!! Everyone worked really hard and gave it their all. Miss Williamson was a very proud MoL’er and thought the team represented the school brilliantly!

Here are some photos to tell the story of the festival:

20161202_110646 20161202_111727 20161202_115113 20161202_114451 20161202_114235 20161202_113240 20161202_111752 20161202_110646 20161202_115711 20161202_110630 20161202_115432 20161202_115154


One thought on “MOL at Tennis Festival, Part 2!

  1. Anonymous

    Well Done to all of the tennis teams they played amazing, there was a few tense moments but they made it through. I was a very proud mum along with Miss Williamson who was an extremely proud teacher.

    Leona (Cara Cuthbert’s mum)

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