Children in Need Day 2016

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On Friday 18th November, along with much of the country, we will be celebrating ‘Children in Need Day’.

This year, to keep things nice and simple, we are inviting children to simply ‘dress as they please’ for a £1 donation which will of course go to Pudsey Bear and the rest of the Children in Need cause. If children wish to ‘Pudsey-fy’ themselves, then of course, a spotty design is very much appropriate!

In addition to the dress-down, there will be other activities during the day that have yet to be finalised but will include various stalls e.g. ‘Guess the Name of the Bear’ etc…

There will also be a bake sale so we would be grateful for any donations of homemade/shop bought cakes and biscuits.

Please look out for more information on the school and class blogs later on in the week.

We are all looking forward to enjoying the day and raising money for this event.


4 thoughts on “Children in Need Day 2016

  1. Anonymous

    Dress as you please… I would elaborate that and state “clothes must be worn” I have 1 child requesting to wear his birthday suit… 🙂

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