New Telephone System

We have just had a new telephone system installed which has various options for you when you call into the school.

When you dial the school number (01463 773020) you will hear:-

This is Milton of Leys Primary School, please choose from the following options:

School Absences – Press 1 to report pupil absences, clearly stating the pupil’s name, class and date of absence

Child Care – Press 2 for all Child Care bookings, cancellations and Child Care enquiries

Nursery – Press 3 for all Nursery matters including nursery child absences

Main Office – Press 4 for Main School Office and all other matters

All of the above will go onto an answering machine if your call is not picked up.  The answering machines will be checked regularly for messages.  

We hope that this new system will make it easier for parents to get through to the right department more quickly and will also ease the burden on the office phones particularly at either end of the school day.

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