This Week’s BIG Question! 

No assembly on Monday to follow up with a related question so for this week, I am looking for you to dig even deeper into your CREATIVE bones and share with the MOL Community…

1. What colour best describes your personality? Why? 

2. Which animal do you think you represents you best? Why? 

3. If you were asked to design a brand new flavour of ice cream, what would it be? 

4. Finally, if you could surprise one person with one kind act, what would it be? If you don’t want to name the person you would surprise, then leave their name out. 

1 Dojo Point for every answer or thought. Parents can earn points for your children! 

6 thoughts on “This Week’s BIG Question! 

  1. Jenny Morrison

    1 orange because it’s bright and happy like me
    2 a parrot so I can fly up and look at the world below being pretty
    3 a mix of them all to taste them all in one scoop
    4 if someone was ill I would do what they couldn’t do themselves

  2. Ryan Morrison

    1 green because I love being outside
    2 a cheetah because it goes really fast
    3 cherry coke because it’s a tasty drink
    4 give my mum a head massage when she is stressed

  3. Ruth hunter

    Allan Hunter
    I am blue because it makes me feel like crazy water.
    I am an Alphodon because I am so small.
    I would mix strawberry and vanilla ice cream because they are so sweet.
    I would surprise my Mummy with a party because I love her.

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